Welcome to Vegetable Gardens a site dedicated to helping you grow your very own fresh fruits and vegetables. Whatever your experience levels, whether you grow from an allotment or grow in containers you’re sure to find some of the very best articles and advise covering the subject of vegetable gardening.

Our Community

We’re a small but rapidly growing community which continues to be one of the best places to get free vegetable gardening advise. It’s free to signup and you’ll be joining like minded gardeners (new and old) for chat, advise and discussion. It only takes a few moments so sign up today.

Expert Gardening Guides

As well as the forums we also host a great collection of vegetable gardening guides which cover the complete lifecycle from sowing and growing right through to harvesting and even cooking. Our growing guides are constantly being updated and in the future we hope to deliver some useful videos, so keep your eyes peeled for those updates.

Future Plans

The last four years at Vegetable Gardens have been a tremendous success and we hope to continue our success throughout 2011. Here’s a quick run down of what you can expect to see here at Vegetable Gardens. Firstly we’re hoping to open new sections completely dedicated to garden pests and diseases, something which every gardener fights against, and companion planting. A calendar of Potato Days and Seed Swaps is also planned.

We appreciate that not everyone is fortunate enough to have an allotment or large garden and our container gardening section has been a great success with more articles ready to be published. The seed saving section will be enlarged to cover more vegetable varieties which we are certain will prove invaluable and help slash the yearly costs of vegetable gardening. Whilst we’re on the subject of savings we also have a very special discount coupons and vouchers section planned. This we hope will become a central repository for some of the very best gardening related savings and offers on the web.

Final Words

Our ultimate goal is to make this the best, most informative organic gardening site on the web. So if you want to drop us some feedback, send us an article or simply want to make a request please get in touch either via the forums or via our contact page. We hope you enjoy the site and continue to refer others to what we have on offer.