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Growing Celery

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Celery is a hard vegetable to grow, lots of time and effort needs to be spent growing it, making this a difficult vegetable to grow, the trench varieties are particularly hard to grow. Self blanching varieties have made growing celery so much easier and that is why I am going to focus on them in this way.

Growing Cucumbers

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Freshly harvested home grown cucumbers are fabulous. Really juicy and oh, so tasty! Cucumbers can be grown either in a greenhouse or outdoors. Some people find greenhouse cucumbers difficult to grow and this is mainly because a constant high temperature is required throughout the growing season. Outdoor cucumbers on the other

Growing Cauliflower

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Cauliflowers are a hungry crop, they need extremely fertile soil which is well draining to grow well. Cauliflowers can be a little temperamental so they may need a little extra attention in order to get a good crop of cauliflowers.

Growing Carrots

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Carrots, the vegetable everyone loves to grow yet few have much success growing carrots. Carrot fly can be a real problem, carrots really are hard to please and soil conditions have to be perfect. However in this guide I am going to tell you how I grow carrots successfully and generally have little or no problems

Growing Cabbage

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Cabbage is an excellent, relatively foolproof vegetable to grow. There are three main types of cabbage. Spring, summer and winter varieties and it is possible with planning to grow a year round supply of cabbages.

Growing Broccoli

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Broccoli is a brilliant vegetable. I love the taste of freshly cut purple sprouting broccoli, similar to the taste of asparagus in my opinion. There are several different types of broccoli available which are purple sprouting broccoli, white sprouting broccoli, Calabrese (also called green broccoli) and finally perennial grown broccoli.

Growing Broad Beans

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Broad beans are actually one of the oldest vegetables grown by humans, however up until recently broad beans were not grown as a vegetable but as a cattle food. Luckily that is no more, broad beans are such a fantastic tasting vegetable yet they are so incredibly easy to grow. The seeds are large, they germinate

Growing Beetroot

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Freshly harvested beetroot tastes fabulous, unlike shop bought beetroot home grown beetroot has the most fantastic flavour. If you sow, harvest and store beetroot correctly it is possible to eat your own beetroot all year round – making it a very popular vegetable for home gardeners.

Growing Asparagus

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This perennial fern like plant produces a plentiful supply of young shoots, which are cut as succulent spears soon after they come through the soils’ surface. Asparagus is a beautiful, easy to grow plant but patience is definitely required as it takes years to get your first crop, but once established it will provide asparagus

Growing Tomatoes

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Tomatoes are a delicate crop, so choose a warm spot in front of a south facing wall or fence to plant your tomatoes for the best results. During the winter, dig up your plot thoroughly (being careful not to bring clay or granite to the surface) and incorporate a good compost into your soil.

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