Gardening Supplies

Biological Control – A large range of biological controls for UK gardeners for natural pest control. Information on how to get rid of those garden pests.

Bubble House Worms – Your one stop shop for worms, wormeries, composting, Bokashi EM technology and kitchen composters.

Crop Covers – Crop covers are an essential and important addition to your garden to protect your crops. Grow vegetables for you, not insects and birds.

Garden Centre – Shop Online at

Garden Items – Design, style and innovation for your garden. Mail order retailer of garden accessories.

Gardening-Naturally – We offer a range of non poisonous and effective treatments for many pest problems in the garden. Vegetables and fruit can be grown without pesticides avoiding the associated risks to wildlife, pets and the consumer.

Garden Netting – Garden netting, large range of netting for vegetable protection including bird netting, Enviromesh, butterfly netting and more.

Gardening Supplies – The Garden Superstore – The Garden Superstore is a leading UK supplier of discounted gardening and growing supplies, including plastic plant pots, seed trays, plant labels, plant propagators, garden hoses and much more.

Hammocks – Garden hammocks and hammock chairs made from 100% cotton.

Harrod Horticultural – Harrod Horticultural is a leading supplier and manufacturer of an exclusive range of quality fruit cages, raised beds, hand-forged gardening tools and plant supports all designed and manufactured in-house and a full range of crop protection equipment, composting, watering and pest control productst all at competitive prices.

Hart Canna – A large range of pots, planters, tanks, saucers and labels.

Heritage Gardens – Products to buy online – garden games, tools from the Duchy of Cornwall collection, hand crafted garden sprinklers, instant hedging and hydroglobe plant waterers.

Improve Your Garden Soil – For a truly blossoming garden, learn how to make the most of your garden soil.

Modern Healing, Art Garden Fountains and Japanese Lantern – Aguafina art and healing gardens reflects the combined inspiration of modern Japanese and Asian culture and traditions.

Riverside Garden Centre – We are an independent garden centre located in Hertford specialising in garden furniture and barbecues but also offer an extensive range of garden supplies, pest control products and wildlife encouraging products.

The Natural Gardener – Grow with ‘Natures Natural Cycle’ – waste free. All of our gardening products, sustainably and mainly organically grown, will be put to use, then returned to the soil to further enhance it. We just borrow and return, nothing is wasted, but something gained. Even our packaging is in re-usable jute bags, which ultimately will compost easily. Nature wastes nothing and it’s a pity we did not learn from the old girl earlier!

Topline Whsle Dist Co – Worms, vermicomposting, worm equipment, worm supplies, worm books, and lots of worm information.

Topsoil – We specialise in supplying really good quality topsoils and organic composts to gardeners throughout the country and have developed an excellent vegetable growing topsoil for grow your own enthusiasts!

Manure, Compost and Spent Mushroom Compost, National Supplier – TurfandStuff are a national supplier of a range of bulky garden products including Manure, Compost and Spent Mushroom Compost. View and order online.

Victorian Garden Center, Somerset, Ornamental Grasses, Tree Ferns – Victorian Garden Center and Nursery, specializing in ornamental grasses, tree ferns and new introductions.

Wellington Boot Racks – Wall mounted wellington boot racks for indoor or outdoor use. Ideal storage for your muddy wellies. Hand made in Cornwall UK and normally delivered within 5 working days.