Growing Cauliflower

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Growing Cauliflower

Cauliflowers are a hungry crop, they need extremely fertile soil which is well draining to grow well. Cauliflowers can be a little temperamental so they may need a little extra attention in order to get a good crop of cauliflowers.

Soil Preparation

Soil preparation is everything when growing cauliflowers, dig the area where you plan to plant your cauliflowers in autumn incorporating lots of well rotted manure as you dig.

Avoid growing cauliflowers in extremely cold areas that are prone to late frosts as this can destroy a crop, cauliflowers like being in a warm location when they first start growing.

Sowing and Planting

When growing cauliflowers I prefer to sow them indoors under glass as this gives them an early start. I begin sowing indoors in March for transplanting outdoors in April.

You should sow several seeds in a three inch round pot. Pulling out the weakest seedlings and leaving only the strongest. This will make sure you only have the best seedlings and improve your chances of success.

The cauliflower seedlings are ready for transplanting once they have four or five strong leaves. Plant them in rows which are one and a half foot apart being careful not to damage the roots.

Looking After the Plants

Keep the plants well watered as cauliflowers are thirsty plants and need extra water to grow well. Always water around the base of the cauliflower plants as watering from above can spoil the cauliflower curds. It is also good if you can hoe around the plants regularly to ensure weeds do not grow in and around your crops.

When growing summer varieties you could bend some of the outer leaves over the curds to protect it from the summer sun. This also protects the curds from rain which can spoil the cauliflowers. You should watch out for signs of disease as cauliflowers tend to be prone to disease.


Cut the cauliflowers once the heads are large and are white in the centre. Cauliflowers do not stand well in the ground with the curds starting to separate so be sure to harvest as soon as the cauliflowers are ready. You can begin harvesting early in the season which will make sure you don’t end up with an end of season glut.

Cut the cauliflowers near to the ground with a sharp knife, take into the kitchen and enjoy!

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