Potato Days And Seed Swaps 2012

Posted By Lesley On January 3, 2012 - 10 responses

Potato Days are great events for kitchen gardeners and allotmenteers to attend. There are a large number of different potato varieties available including heritage varieties and most potato days offer individual seed potatoes for sale which is ideal if you are growing in containers or space is limited.

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Growing Spinach

Posted By On November 25, 2008 - 1 Comment

Let’s be honest, most people consider spinach as a vegetable that is unattractive and tasteless, something that only Popeye would dare to eat. Home grown spinach actually tastes incredibly tasty and is really healthy to eat. So let’s get rid of the Popeye image that everyone suggests and concentrate on how amazing it is.

Growing Swedes

Posted By On November 25, 2008 - No Comments

This is one of the easiest vegetables to grow as sowing and looking after the plants is really straightforward. Another reason why swedes are grown so much is because they are ready for harvesting when no other crop is available. Very similar to turnips, swedes are much tastier, the taste is milder and sweeter.

Growing Radish

Posted By On November 25, 2008 - 1 Comment

Radishes are quick to crop and really easy to grow meaning they are an ideal vegetable for children, new gardeners and experienced gardeners alike to grow. Radishes grow quickly and trouble free in most situations, usually maturing within three to six weeks meaning that they really are one of the quickest vegetables you can grow.

Growing Parsnips

Posted By On November 25, 2008 - 6 Comments

Not many people grow parsnips, over the last few years parsnips have become less and less popular. I was just reading through one of the seed catalogues and the particular company now sells one variety of Parsnip, last year they sold 7. Parsnip germination rates can be extremely low.

Growing Onions

Posted By On November 25, 2008 - 6 Comments

When growing onions it is best to grow them from sets, these are immature bulbs that have been grown especially for planting. There are several advantages over growing from seeds, onion sets are much quicker growing, they are less likely to get attacked by pests and disease and they tend not to bolt as much

Growing Lettuce

Posted By On November 25, 2008 - 1 Comment

Lettuce is such an easy vegetable to grow, extremely popular with gardeners who grow in containers and small vegetable gardens it is a must grow for every gardener. The fact that within 6 weeks you could be harvesting your own vegetables entices many people to begin growing their own lettuce.

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