Potato Days And Seed Swaps 2012

Posted By Lesley On January 3, 2012 - 10 responses

Potato Days are great events for kitchen gardeners and allotmenteers to attend. There are a large number of different potato varieties available including heritage varieties and most potato days offer individual seed potatoes for sale which is ideal if you are growing in containers or space is limited.

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Growing Leeks

Posted By On November 25, 2008 - No Comments

Leeks are a fairly easy vegetable to grow and one of the mildest tasting vegetable in the onion family. Rather than producing a bulb, as most onions do, leeks are grown for their long stems with the white and pale green parts of the stems used in soups, stews and casseroles.

Growing Swiss Chard / Leaf Beet

Posted By On November 25, 2008 - No Comments

Swiss Chard also known as Leaf Beet and Seakale Beet is quickly becoming an extremely popular and very desirable vegetable to grow. A good source of beta carotene and so easy to grow the brightly coloured leafy stalks look fabulous in any vegetable garden or even in the flower beds.

Growing French Beans

Posted By On November 25, 2008 - No Comments

French beans are delicious. The tasty beans are picked while still small and when cooked that size they taste out of this world. I don’t think British gardeners give this vegetable the praise it deserves, it still seems that runner beans are more popular with gardeners, I don’t know why!

Growing Celery

Posted By On November 25, 2008 - No Comments

Celery is a hard vegetable to grow, lots of time and effort needs to be spent growing it, making this a difficult vegetable to grow, the trench varieties are particularly hard to grow. Self blanching varieties have made growing celery so much easier and that is why I am going to focus on them in this way.

Growing Cucumbers

Posted By On November 25, 2008 - 3 Comments

Freshly harvested home grown cucumbers are fabulous. Really juicy and oh, so tasty! Cucumbers can be grown either in a greenhouse or outdoors. Some people find greenhouse cucumbers difficult to grow and this is mainly because a constant high temperature is required throughout the growing season. Outdoor cucumbers on the other

Growing Cauliflower

Posted By On November 25, 2008 - 1 Comment

Cauliflowers are a hungry crop, they need extremely fertile soil which is well draining to grow well. Cauliflowers can be a little temperamental so they may need a little extra attention in order to get a good crop of cauliflowers.

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