Top 10 Asparagus Varieties

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Top 10 Asparagus Varieties

This article covers the major asparagus seed varieties giving you an essential breakdown on the pros and cons of each. From the Connovers Colossal (an AGM award winner) right through to the Thielim F1, you’ll become familiar, and gain an understanding of them all. Each seed has different benefits and matching them to weather and soil type becomes an important factor when picking your seed.

Connovers Colossal

This variety has received the RHS Award of Garden Merit (AGM) as it is an outstanding variety. It is open pollinated, with both male and female plants, slightly bigger purple tipped spears and produces a huge yield for a non hybrid variety.

Pacific Purple F1

A variety from New Zealand producing heavy yields of purple spears which are high in antioxidants, tender, sweet and delicious eaten raw.

Gijnlim F1

This male dominant F1 hybrid produces heavy crops on sandy or clay soils early to mid season. High resistance to rust. Awarded the RHS Award Of Garden Merit (AGM).

Jersey Giant F1

An American male dominant F1 hybrid variety. It has superb flavour with thick straight spears.

Eros F1

This variety originates from Italy and is an F1 hybrid producing large green purple tipped spears. This will grow well in heavier clay soil aswell as sandy soils.

Jersey Knight F1

All male hybrid variety produces thick, tender, tasty spears. Slightly later than Jersey Giant so extends the season. Highly tolerant to Fusarium, Crown and Root Rot.

Martha Washington

An old American favourite. An open pollinated variety, strong growing and producing long thick spears. Resistant to rust.

Guelph Millennium F1

This all male variety from Canada has superb winter / cold tolerance. It is well suited to growing in Northern parts of the UK and is good even in poorer soils.

Backlim F1

All male F1 hybrid. Produces good yields of thick spears with well closed tips mid to late season. High resistance to rust. Awarded the RHS Award Of Garden Merit (AGM).

Thielim F1

This all male hybrid is a recent introduction. It is early to crop with a good yield and is less susceptible to Botrytis.

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  1. clare on

    Can you recommend a variety of asparagus for me to grow? I have built a raised bed which is big enough for 10 plants. I work abroad in April and May so it will have to be harvested in June or later. I live in derbyshire.

    Many Thanks

  2. Lesley on

    Hi Clare, a late season asparagus variety is Guelph Millennium F1 which was bred in Canada so is ideally suited for growing in the North and produces heavy yields. However, Guelph Millennium’s harvesting season is from mid May through June and I do not believe there is a later variety so you would need to arrange for someone to cut the first spears until you return in June in order to maintain a good harvest. The asparagus season is only short and traditionally runs from St George’s Day (23rd April) until Midsummer’s Day (24th June).

  3. Robert on

    Hello Leslie,

    I am doing a research on Asparagus, and I found your article quite interesting, are this the world top varieties or just for UK? do you know where can I find more info about seed prices ???

    Thank you in advance 🙂

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