Top 10 Tomato Varieties

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Top 10 Tomato Varieties

If you don’t know your tomatoes then its time to learn. Check out some of our favourites from the list below.

  • First In The Field is a heirloom variety from the early 20th century. It is a determinate (bush) tomato variety and is extremely good for growing outdoors, with a vigorous habit, producing a good harvest of very well flavoured red fruits.
  • Bloody Butcher is another heirloom variety and although best grown under glass will grow outdoors in warm areas. Bloody Butcher is a very early and very productive indeterminate (cordon) variety producing excellent flavoured fruits.
  • Pink Brandywine dates from the 1880’s. It is a indeterminate (cordon), potato leaf variety which can be grown outdoors. It produces late season pink beefsteak type tomatoes with slightly green shoulders. These can easily grow to over one pound in weight, meaty, with a superb rich flavour and are excellent thickly sliced and fried.
  • Inca F1 is a determinate (bush) plum variety. It grows outdoors and produces a heavy crop of firm, meaty, plum tomatoes with an excellent flavour. A good variety for roasting and making sauces with.
  • Ferline F1 This is an indeterminate (cordon) variety that is a recent introduction. It is tomato blight resistant and also resistant to both fusarium wilt and verticillium wilt. Ferline can be grown outdoors and produces heavy crops of fabulous, tasty tomatoes right up to the first frosts.
  • Costoluto Fiorentino An open pollinated Italian tomato variety producing a large crop of huge, ribbed, delicious tasting tomatoes that can be used in cooking and sliced fresh. Awarded the RHS Award Of Garden Merit (AGM).
  • Black Cherry is the only truly black tomato available. The flavour of these tomatoes is quite complex, sweet yet rich and they certainly add a bit of colour to your meals.
  • Tiny Tim is a small bush variety that is ideal for planning in containers, window boxes or in hanging baskets. The small cherry tomatoes are bright red, almost seedless and taste great!
  • Golden Sunrise is a golden yellow variety which is well known for it distinct taste. It is the greatest yellow tomato ever!!
  • Green Zebra is yet another fantastic tomato to grow, they are sweet yet with a sweet sing taste. These plants can become quite large but they will be filled with golf ball sized tomatoes perfect for summer salads.

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  1. Avis on

    I am experimenting with the black cherry heirloom this year. But two of my favorites are black plum and sun-sugar hybrid. Cheers!

  2. paul rix on

    Hi, I was looking at your top ten list, there is a glaring omission, money maker, I know it has been around pretty well for ever, but it is tough, will grow pretty well anywhere, easily out crops anything else in my garden, it also tastes a lot better than most of the ‘new’ varieties.
    Paul Rix

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