Unusual Tomatoes

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Unusual Tomatoes

There are so many tomato varieties available for the home gardener to grow but many of the more unusual varieties are becoming harder to find. The more unusual varieties are often different to the average tomatoes available in supermarkets and for sale by many of the major seed companies. You can grow yellow, purple, green, white and even black tomatoes with no extra effort.

These unusual varieties are often called “Ugly Tomatoes” but they really are not, they are how tomatoes used to be before people began breeding tomatoes to create the “perfect” tomato that everyone grows and loves.

The look and flavour of many of these tomatoes is fantastic. One excellent variety is a black tomato called Black Cherry which is very unusual and another fabulous tasting variety with a great name is called Bloody Butcher which produces an excellent crop of good sized tomatoes.

Many of the more unusual tomato varieties taste so much better than the average varieties that people like to grow. I am sure that once you have grown these unusual tomato varieties that you will never go back to the regular commercial varieties again.

Unusual varieties generally are heirloom varieties meaning that they are old open pollinating varieties. Many of these heirloom varieties are becoming very rare, in-fact some of the best varieties are no longer available as the seeds are so scarce.

Unusual tomato varieties are always fascinating to grow and you really should try to grow a few of these varieties every year.

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